How ZYTO Technology Works

ZYTO technology relies upon an array of biocommunication principles and concepts that provide users with deeper insight and information when making decisions related to health and wellness. On a basic level, ZYTO technology is designed to energetically ask your body questions and then analyze your body’s specific responses.

Here are the basic concepts and overall process of the ZYTO Scan technology:

1) Digital Signatures

digital signiture

ZYTO Scan technology uses Virtual Stimulus Items, or VSIs, which are computer-generated digital signatures that represent specific physical stimuli. These digital signatures are stored in the ZYTO software. The ZYTO software considers these VSIs in light of readings being taken by the ZYTO Hand Cradle.

2) The Hand Cradle Chip

The Hand Cradle measures and sends to the software the Galvanic Skin Responses taken as the ZYTO software runs through a preset library of VSIs. Note that this same specialized chip is also used in other ZYTO hardware products.


3) Galvanic Skin Response


Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) is an established technology (used in, among other things, lie detector testing) that measures fluctuations in electrical conductivity of the skin as the body responds to external stimuli. The Hand Cradle records GSR readings from the skin that are sent back to the ZYTO software for analysis in light of VSIs

4) Coherence Patterns

The ZYTO software analyzes the data for patterns of coherence. Coherence is a state where two or more things exist without conflict. By tracking the body's Galvanic Skin Responses, ZYTO technology can calculate shifts in coherence to VSIs. In other words, the shift patterns indicate whether VSIs exist in coherence or conflict with the body.


5) Biological Preference


After the data received from the hand cradle is plotted and analyzed for coherence, each response is assigned a positive or negative score, referred to as the Deviation Ratio (dR). Positive dRs represent a biological preference (increased coherence), while negative dRs can be thought of as representing biological aversion (conflict).

For more information on biological preference, see What's my Body Telling Me

6) Prioritized Results

The ZYTO software then creates a detailed report that translates the analyzed data and your biological preferences in an easy-to-read graphical interface. Essentially, the report presents the body’s responses ranked in order of priority, which can then be used to facilitate better decision making about your health and wellness.

To learn more about these and other concepts of ZYTO technology, please see How We Measure.