New ZYTO Foods Scan and Practitioner Testimonial Video

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May, 2017

New ZYTO Foods Scan &
What Practitioners Are Saying

Introducing the Foods for Wellness Biosurvey

We’re excited to announce that an all-new foods scan will be available for free to ZYTO Select and Elite customers starting on June 5th!

Called the Foods for Wellness Scan, this new biosurvey will allow you to set filters for specific diets, view biologically coherent foods displayed by food category, and scan related food stressor Virtual Items such as GMOs, food additives, and pesticides.

Unlike the previous Foods Scan, the Foods for Wellness biosurvey scans food Virtual Items as balancers. Watch this brief video to learn more about why the Foods for Wellness scan was created and how it can benefit you and your clients.


What are practitioners saying about ZYTO?

From naturopaths and chiropractors to nurses and medical doctors, ZYTO is used by a variety of different types of practitioners. Watch this short video to find out what some of these practitioners think about our technology.


Library updates

We’re pleased to announce that Purium was recently added to all ZYTO software. To add this product line to your inventory search options in the Select, Elite, or EVOX software, go to Libraries > Library Manager, then put a checkmark next to Purium and click Save.

Select, Elite, and EVOX customers can now also scan for several unbranded essential oils that have been added to the ZYTO library. These oils can be easily found by clicking on Libraries > Inventory and using the search term “unbranded”.

For more info on how to find and add any of these items, view the Accessing New Items training document. If you have additional questions, contact the Coaching Department at 801-224-7199, ext. 110, or email

Lastly, for Elite customers, we’ve added one or more items to the following Elite Community library categories that can be scanned as stressor Virtual Items:

  • Yeast, Brewers
  • Viruses
  • Dental Material
  • Dental Stressors
  • Fungi/Molds



We’d love to see you in person at one of our upcoming events in California and Texas. These ZYTO Theory & Practice events are only two weeks away. Learn more at Seating is limited, so register today!



We will be just a short walk from the Young Living Grand Convention at the Salt Palace in mid-June! Stop by the Hilton Salt Lake City Center to get a scan and see our all-new Balance biosurvey designed specifically for network marketers.

Young Living Grand Convention
Hilton Salt Lake City Center: June 14 – 17
255 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101

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