Get the EVOX, Elite, or Select for a Low Monthly Price!

For a limited time, we're offering the ZYTO EVOX, Select, and Elite
starting at $199 per month.*

Simply pay 20% down on the full purchase price plus the monthly payment and subscription payment to get your hands on our most powerful biocommunication technology. Pay monthly to access:

  • A wide variety of biomarkers
  • Our entire product company database
  • Homeopathic capabilities (Select/Elite)
  • Perception reframing (EVOX)
  • And much, much more

Life-changing perception reframing technology

  • Support clients’ emotional well-being
  • Quickly explore relationship, health, and performance issues
  • Combine with Select/Elite
  • Reframe on single or multiple topics

*$2,195 down + $199 per month
$50 monthly subscription

Fully automated decision-support technology

  • Gather individual insights in minutes
  • Support clients health and wellness
  • Scan a wide variety of biomarkers
  • Access entire product company library
  • Foods for Wellness scan included

*$1,950 down + $199 per month
$50 monthly subscription

Unlock the full potential of ZYTO technology

  • Support comprehensive wellness plans
  • Scan manually to further individualize client sessions
  • Access homeopathic capabilities
  • Create your own biosurveys

*$2,950 down + $299 per month
$50 monthly subscription

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