Earn More Referrals in November with 50% Off Compass Pricing


You get the same $100 Referral Bonus

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We’re offering the ZYTO Compass for 50% off through December. This is your chance to spread the word about this amazing deal and earn even more referrals. Even though the Compass is half-price, you’ll still earn the regular $100 bonus every time one of your referrals purchases a Compass system.

Refer as many people as you can to pass on the savings!

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3…

1. Share the Promo Page

Share the Compass Promotion Page with friends, family, and fellow wellness advocates and let them know this is their chance to buy the ZYTO Compass for half price!

Click & Share URL

2. Provide Your Referral Info

Provide your referral with your name and phone number, or your unique referral code if you have one. Tell them to enter this information into the appropriate fields during checkout.


3. Get Paid!

When they purchase the Compass system using your code or name, you will be credited and receive $100. It’s that easy. Check out the promo page and start spreading the word!

Start Earning

Don’t wait any longer. Simply have your friends and associates enter your name and phone number (or referral code), into the appropriate fields during checkout. An extra $100 doesn’t get much easier than this.


No catch, no complex math, just bonus cash to thank you for sharing the great news.

ZYTO Compass pricing & bonus

Regular Price: $399.00
Referral Bonus: $100.00

Half-Off Sale: $199.50*
Referral Bonus: $100.00



*Half-off original sales price does not include first month’s subscription or shipping & handling.

Referral bonus Terms

  • ZYTO will pay the Referrer $100 for each sale directly influenced by him/her.
  • Referral must purchase a ZYTO Compass within 90 days of the referral. After 90 days, the Referrer will not qualify to receive a referral bonus.
  • Approved referral fees will be processed within 90 days of the purchase. ZYTO will NOT be liable to pay more than one referral bonus per purchase.
  • This agreement does not constitute a contract or obligation on the part of any party. This referral agreement is subject to change at any time without prior notice.
  • ZYTO has the absolute and exclusive right to establish the price, charges, terms, and conditions governing the sale of all products.
  • Referrer recognizes that he/she is responsible for any and all taxes imposed by the country in which they reside.
  • Referrer can NOT be an agent or employee or contractor of ZYTO and should not represent to any party or create any document which suggests they are.

“The people who are using the Compass, their business is growing, not only with the people that they come in contact, but all of their lower levels in relation to direct sales. They’re bringing in more business and growing very, very nicely. Do I recommend it to those who aren’t? You betcha I do!”

-James J.

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