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Join us for monthly webinars to learn more about general health and wellness, or weekly webinars to learn how ZYTO technology works, how it can help build your business, and tips for understanding reports!

Monthly Wellness Webinars


Be a Goal Digger!
January 9, 2018 - 10:00 A.M. MST

Amara Prince, CLC

Goal-digging is about more than the traditional chasing of objects, tasks, or dollar bills (aka GOLD digging). It’s about digging deep inside of yourself and creating a life of fulfillment, love, and purpose. Join life coach and EVOX practitioner Amara Prince to learn about 5 easy and inspirational steps that will have you cashing in on your goals in no time! You’ll discover proven tips and techniques to help you:

  • Transform negative self-beliefs
  • Rise above circumstances
  • Live the life you truly want, deserve, and desire!


Weekly Compass & Balance Webinars

Highlights of the ZYTO Compass and Balance

  • Explanation of the ZYTO Compass and Balance
  • How ZYTO technology can prioritize product choices
  • Achieving more with ZYTO technology
  • Reviewing Compass and Balance reports

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Introduction to the ZYTO Balance

  • Understanding ZYTO technology
  • How ZYTO technology can prioritize product choices
  • Achieving more with ZYTO technology
  • Understanding Balance Reports

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Getting Started with Your ZYTO Balance

  • Setting up your inventory
  • Starting a client session
  • Running a biosurvey
  • Interpreting the report
  • Applying the information for your clients

Wednesday 12 p.m./5 p.m.
Mountain Time (Alternating)

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Windows 10 Intro Guide

  • Tablet mode
  • Win 10 start menu & search bar
  • Setting up Wi-Fi
  • Running windows updates
  • Control panel/Win 10 settings
  • PC info
  • Browsers & ZYTO Dashboard
  • Software installation
  • E-mail setup

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