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  • 170+ biomarkers
  • 25+ product companies to choose from
  • Wellness and Vector Reports
  • Wellness Services scanning
  • ZYTO Remote service
"ZYTO Balance is amazing!!! Helps us to focus on the right products to optimize stressed body systems. Game changer in your business!"
- Alicia Ceballos

Identify supplements & oils clients respond to most strongly

Pinpoint areas for which your client may need wellness support

Confidently determine the best services for your client's wellness

Schedule future appointments and watch your business grow

With the ZYTO Balance, you can scan key body systems such as gastrointestinal & detoxification, as well as additional important lifestyle areas like hydration & sleep.

In addition to viewing responses to each of these items, the Balance allows you to see how your clients responded to your selected wellness products and services.

Order the Balance today to expand your sales and start recommending products with greater confidence!


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