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  • 11 automated scans
  • 3,000+ biomarkers
  • 200+ product libraries
  • Foods Scan
  • Custom Categories
  • Combine with EVOX
  • Available add-on scans


$14,750 +$50/Month

  • All Select features plus:
  • 3 more automated scans
  • 5,000+ more biomarkers
  • Unlimited manual scanning
  • Build custom scans
  • Customizable library
  • Elite Community library


$10,750 + $50/Month

  • 10 automated scans
  • 144 biomarkers
  • 200+ product libraries
  • Inventory management
  • Perception reframing
  • Multi-topic reframing
  • ZYTO Remote service

Frequently asked questions

ZYTO technology relies upon an array of biocommunication principles and concepts that provide users with deeper insight and information when making decisions related to health and wellness. On a basic level, ZYTO technology is designed to energetically analyze your body’s specific galvanic skin response.

You can learn more about ZYTO technology and concepts on the Getting a Scan page.

ZYTO software is not diagnostic. Instead, the software provides you with information derived from GSR readings—ultimately giving you the ability to make better decisions about individual health and wellness.

Biomarkers are digital signatures in the ZYTO software which represent actual body parts and systems (i.e., organs, teeth, and vertebrae). There are also biomarkers which represent items that influence the body such as bacteria, chemicals, and food additives.

A ZYTO scan often involves scanning selected biomarker Virtual Items, followed by a scan of balancer Virtual Items that bring those items back into balance. Balancers may include products, wellness services, and lifestyle choices.

Anyone can purchase the Compass, Balance, or EVOX software. You must be a certified or licensed healthcare practitioner to use the Select or Elite software. Requirements may vary state by state and in different countries. Please Contact Us for further clarification.

The monthly subscription fee allows ZYTO to provide customers with unlimited scanning, ongoing software maintenance and upgrades, 24/7 access to online training resources, and customer and technical support.

You can find a list of product companies that are currently available for each software on the Product Libraries page.  You can also request that we add your product company on the Library Request page.

The time necessary to learn the ZYTO software will depend on the products purchased and how familiar you already are with computers in general.  The time required for the average customer is:

  • Compass – 30+ minutes
  • Balance – 2+ hours
  • Select – 5+ hours
  • Elite – 10+ hours
  • EVOX – 4+ hours.

Online video training is also provided for each product and runs between 30–60 minutes in length. Visit the Online Training page to learn more.

In addition to the included Basic, Advanced, and Balance scans, 3 more automated scans can be purchased for the Select & Elite. These scans help you focus in on specific areas of wellness.

  • Lifestyle Biosurvey
  • Digestion Biosurvey
  • Hydration Biosurvey
To learn more about these biosurveys, visit the Add-on Scans page.

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