Get the Facts about Hydration & Learn about the Best Anti-Aging Foods

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September, 2018

Hydration Education & Best Anti-Aging Foods

Learn why hydration is about more than getting “enough” water

Hydration webinar with Catherine Akbarieh banner

The idea that drinking enough water equates to hydration is a mistaken perception that can be costly to our health. Join our next wellness webinar with Dr. Catherine Akbarieh to learn how water effects our body and emotions and how to use this information in practice.

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Miss last month’s webinar on creating symphony within our cells? Watch it here!

Discover the best anti-aging foods

healthy anti-aging foods - fruits, vegetables, and salmon

Our diet has a tremendous impact on how we age. Learn about the best anti-aging foods that will keep you looking and feeling young.

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Balancer spotlight: dry skin brushing

woman dry skin brushing her leg

Dry skin brushing offers a number of benefits for the lymphatic system and overall health. Learn more about this technique and find out if it’s right for you.

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Library updates

A handful of wellness services have been added to the ZYTO library, which is available in the ZYTO Balance, Select, and Elite software:

  • Clarity Chair
  • Script Processing (Feelings Buried Alive Never Die)
  • Iodine Patch Test
  • Brain Integration Therapy (BIT)
  • Cell Salt Therapy

Additionally, Lectin has been added to the ZYTO library under the Night Shades category, available in the Select and Elite software.

For more on how to find and implement these new items, view the Accessing New Items training document.



Our first regional event of the season is less than a month away! Join us in beautiful Salt Lake City on October 20th to learn more about ZYTO technology and holistic wellness!

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We had an amazing week at the dōTERRA Global Convention, scanning nearly 1,000 people. It was great seeing and talking to all of you!

If you’re interested in getting a free ZYTO scan and seeing how our solutions can work for you, come see us at any of these upcoming shows:

  • AFMCP: October 4-8
  • Young Living Mexico: October 12-13
  • ANM 2018: October 12-14
  • GNI 21st Annual Symposium: October 13
  • ANJC Fall Summit: October 13-14
  • kNEW Health Phoenix: October 29

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