Discover Leaky Gut Supplements and Stress Management Tips

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April, 2018

Stress Management Wellness Webinar
& Supplements for Leaky Gut

Discover mindful solutions for dealing with stress

ZYTO Wellness Webinar with Christine Cronin

May is Mental Health Month, and we’ve invited holistic health practitioner and Usui Reiki Master Christine Cronin to talk to us about stress and anxiety. In this ZYTO Wellness Webinar, Christine will explore the effects of our fast-paced culture and provide practical tips for managing stress in our busy lives.

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Miss last month’s webinar on digestion? Watch it here!

Leaky gut concerns? Consider these 15 supplements

herb and supplements for leaky gut on table

Leaky gut is a concern for a growing number of people. Find out more about this condition and supplements that support a healthy gut.

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Learn about the gastrointestinal system in our stressor spotlight

gastrointestinal system stressor 3d illustration of organs

The gastrointestinal, or digestive, system has a profound impact on our overall health. Learn more about this amazing system in our stressor spotlight.

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ZYTO Global Conference 2018 - Discovering Wellness with You

We’re excited to announce that James Maskell will be a keynote speaker for the ZYTO 2018 Global Conference. We also have an updated list of topics our other guest speakers will be covering. Register now to take advantage of early bird pricing!

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ZYTO is also hosting educational events in London and Amsterdam on the 11th and 12th of May. Join us at a location near you to learn all about ZYTO and how it can benefit you.

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ZYTO is attending two events next month, and we’ll also be at two different locations for the Young Living Grand Convention in June. Stop by to say hi and get a free scan!

  • COPA
  • Young Living Convention

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