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August, 2018

Creating a Symphony within Your Cells
& What Makes ZYTO Unique

Discover how we can create harmony within the body

Our health depends on multiple systems in the body working together. Join our next Wellness Webinar with Dr. Sarah Peterson to learn how we can create a symphony between these systems through the use of holistic techniques.

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Miss last month’s webinar on raising children holistically? Watch it here!

What makes ZYTO biocommunication unique? [with infographic]

receptionist with client reading ZYTO report

ZYTO offers a number of biocommunication solutions with features that make us unique in our industry. Find out why thousands of wellness professionals trust our technology.

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Caring for your sick child: 3 sensible tips

Young mother taking care of her sick child laying in bed

The end of summer means the start of the school year for many children, likely increasing the odds that your kid will get sick. Find out what to do when the inevitable happens.

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Library Updates

Biogenesis Nutraceuticals has changed their name to Nutra Biogenesis. Also, we’ve added Numi Organics Beet Cabbage Savory Tea to the Elite Library in the Elite Branded Foods Category.



Our first regional event of the season is just a few weeks away! Join us in beautiful Salt Lake City on October 20th to learn more about ZYTO technology and holistic wellness!

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ZYTO will be exhibiting at several events in the coming months. Check out the list below and stop by and see us for a free scan!

  • IMMH Conference: September 6-9
  • Young Living European Convention: September 7-9
  • IHCAN Conference – September 8
  • doTERRA Global Convention: September 19-22
  • AFMCP: October 4-8
  • ANM 2018: October 12-14
  • GNI 21st Annual Symposium: October 13
  • ANJC Fall Summit: October 13-14

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