Discover Vectoring Basics and Helpful Nutrition Tips!

ZYTO Newsletter
March, 2017

ZYTO Vectors Tab Basics
& National Nutrition Month

The Value of Vectoring

In last month’s newsletter, Dr. Cook explained how knowing about heart vectors can give you better ideas for your health and wellness. Along with your heart, other parts and systems in your body also vector to one another. By looking at the Vectors Tab in the ZYTO 5.0 software along with the report data from a scan, you can discover which areas may benefit from additional support. Watch the Vectors Tab Basics video to learn how to harness the value of this powerful tool.


Celebrating National Nutrition Month

Armed with data from a ZYTO scan and vectoring information, you will be poised to make even better decisions about what to eat and what supplements to take. And since it’s National Nutrition month, now is the perfect time to make those dietary changes you may have been putting off all winter. Along with regular ZYTO scanning, here are a few additional tips to make sure you get the most out of your nutrition, courtesy of and

  • Make gradual, not drastic, improvements to your diet.
  • Cook more at home and experiment with healthier ingredients.
  • Eat and drink the right amount of food for you.
  • Use an app such as SuperTracker to track food and exercise.
  • Learn how to spot and avoid hidden sugar in your food.
  • Be physically active most days of the week.


Library updates

The Melaleuca product line has been added to the ZYTO 5 software! We’re excited to have over 100 of their quality products available to scan. To add this new product line to your Inventory search options, go to Libraries > Library Manager, then put a checkmark next to “Melaleuca” and click Save.

In the ZYTO Elite Community library, a Fatty Acids category has been added with 22 new items. Three new items have been added under the Materials – Miscellaneous category as well. You can find these items by simply going to Libraries > Inventory and doing a search of those categories in the Elite software.

Additionally, you can now also scan for the following new service items in your Balance, Select, or Elite software.

  • Orthobionomy
  • Spinal Reflex Therapy (SRT)
  • NeuroStructural Integration (NST)
  • MyoKinesthetics (MYK)

To access these new Service items in the ZYTO 5 software, go to Libraries > Services. For more info on how to find and add any of these items, view the Accessing New Items training document. If you have additional questions, contact the Coaching Department at 801-224-7199, ext. 110, or email



Have you heard about our educational events in Europe next week? The first event is in Amsterdam on Tuesday, the 28th, and the second is in London on Friday, the 31st. Learn more about these events from Dr. Cook!



Stop by and see us in Minnesota next weekend or in New Jersey in just a few weeks!

Northwestern Health Sciences Health & Wellness Symposium

  • Northwestern Health Sciences University: March 31 – April 2
  • 2501 West 84th Street
  • Bloomington, MN 55431

ANJC Spring Summit

  • Hilton East Brunswick: April 22 – 23
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