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ZYTO Newsletter
February, 2018

Effective Weight Loss Webinar
& 2019 Outdoor Wellness Challenge

Discover how to achieve a healthy weight

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Join VitaLife founder Davis Jaspers to learn why traditional weight-loss methods have been unsuccessful and find out what we can do to achieve a healthy weight for ourselves and clients.

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Miss last month’s webinar on fertility support? Watch it here!

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Only a few more days to save big on the EVOX! Call 1-801-224-7199 or email by February 28th to get this amazing deal.

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Join our wellness challenge for your chance to win awesome prizes!

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We’re excited to announce the ZYTO 2019 Wellness Challenge! Complete outdoor activities to be entered into monthly drawings, where you can win prizes worth up to $300!

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Which endocrine disruptors are the most harmful?

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Endocrine disruptors can wreak havoc on your hormone balance. Find out which disruptors are the worst and how to avoid them.

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Along with our upcoming domestic events, we’re pleased to announce 3 new regional events in Europe! See a list of all the events and register for a location near you.

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ZYTO will be at shows in Canada and Australia next month, and a show in London in April. Stop by for a free scan if you plan on attending!

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Library updates

Three product companies have been added to the ZYTO Select, Elite, and EVOX software. We’re thrilled to have the quality products offered by these companies available in our software:

We’ve also added Beeswax and Go Raw Tangy Lime Coconut Crisps to the Elite Community Library. And, Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) has been added to the Services library, available in the Balance, Select, and Elite software.


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