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October, 2017

What Is GSR & 7 Tools to Grow Your Business

What is galvanic skin response?

galvanic skin response placing electrodes on finger

ZYTO uses advanced galvanic skin response technology to get answers directly from the body. Learn about GSR here and what exactly it measures.

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7 tools to grow your wellness business

woman jumping for joy above growth chart

Looking to grow your wellness business? We have some proven methods for you. Find out how to expand your reach and get more loyal clients.

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ZYTO Compass Now 50% Off!

Learn more about this amazing deal and getting more referrals in October!

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New guide answers your ZYTO Balance questions

Have questions about using the Balance software and interpreting the reports? We’ve put together a quick reference guide with links to training videos to answer those questions and help you start using ZYTO like a pro. This guide is also available as an Additional Reference in your Balance 5.0 Training and Balance 5.0 Auxiliary Training by logging in at training.zyto.com.

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Library updates

We’re thrilled to announce that Amway—one of the largest direct selling companies in the world—is now available in the ZYTO Compass.

We also have great news for our Youngevity customers. Your product line has now been optimized for categorization in the new Balance Wellness Report! This will make it easier for you to make the best decisions in the 4 core and supporting lifestyle areas of wellness.

Two new services are also now available in the ZYTO Balance, Select, and Elite software:

  • Halotherapy
  • Bilateral Nasal Specific (BNS)

Remember that if you are a ZYTO Balance, Select, or Elite user, you can easily request that new service items be added by signing into your Online Dashboard at zyto.com and clicking on the Service Item Request tab.



ZYTO event Atlanta 2017

We had a great turnout at our events in Atlanta and Orlando last week. Thanks to all who attended! Learn more about our next event in China.



We will be at the following tradeshows in New Jersey, Florida, and Texas in the next few weeks. Make sure to stop by for a FREE scan!

  • ANJC Fall Summit
  • ACIM Conference
  • PRL Quantum Summit

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