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    Now is a better time than ever to get our most popular biocommunication system. With the Balance, you can start recommending products with greater confidence and empowering your clients with personalized wellness data.

Identify products the body responds to most strongly

Pinpoint areas that may need wellness support

Determine the best services for each client's wellness

ZYTO Balance
$399 + $50/monthly
2nd & 3rd months free!


  • Choose from 29 available product companies
  • Quick automated scan
  • Scan key body systems such as gastrointestinal & detoxification
  • Scan supporting lifestyle areas such as sleep & hydration
  • Scan inventory & wellness services​
  • Access 14 reports including Wellness & Vector Reports
  • Scan clients remotely​

Balance Upgrade
$299 + $50/monthly
2nd and 3rd months free!

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