Get 4 Free Extras with EVOX Purchase in November!

Get 4 Free Extras with EVOX Purchase!

  • Buy an EVOX system this month and we'll throw in these 4 FREE extras:
  • Extra Hand Cradle
  • Extra headset
  • New EVOX poster
  • 25 How EVOX Works brochures
  • That's a value of $280!

The EVOX allows you to powerfully address each client's emotional wellness through our patented perception reframing process. And with the additional Hand Cradle, you can assist clients that may not have time to come to your office and easily expand your service globally through the ZYTO Remote app.

Support each client's emotional well-being

Quickly explore relationship, health, and performance issues

Scan flower remedies and other items to support perception shifts

Facilitate perception reframing anywhere in the world

$10,750 + $50/monthly

  • Includes:
  • 1 EVOX software license
  • 2 Hand Cradles with 2 USB cables
  • 2 Headsets
  • 1 EVOX poster
  • 25 How EVOX Works brochures
  • 1 LiteFrames


The ZYTO EVOX measures the energetic frequencies of your voice when you speak about a specific topic you may be struggling with. The software then selects the energetic frequencies for which you show a biological preference. This unique information is then introduced to your subconscious mind via a software output. Thinking about the topic as your subconscious mind receives this information helps you gradually shift the static perception that may be holding you back. To learn more about this process, download the How EVOX Works brochure.

The LiteFrames help the client focus inward as they think about the topic. This supports more efficient perception reframing. Music can also be added to the software to enhance EVOX sessions.

Yes, you can use the Flower Remedies Scan to scan Bach Flowers and Australian Flowers that support perception reframing. You can also use the EVOX Inventory Scan to scan your selected product inventory to support the reframing process as well. Your EVOX license gives you access to product lines from more than 200 product companies.

Yes. In addition to the Inventory and Flower Remedy scans, there are also biosurveys that further support perception reframing. These biosurveys can be used to determine biological preference for session type, timed output duration, Liteframe program, affirmation statements, and more.

The monthly subscription fee allows ZYTO to provide customers with unlimited EVOX sessions, ongoing software maintenance and upgrades, 24/7 access to online training resources, and customer and technical support. A Select, Elite, or EVOX subscription also entitles you to free one-on-one training sessions with a ZYTO coach.

A monthly subscription can be canceled or paused at any time.

No, anyone can purchase and use the EVOX system.

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