ZYTO Announces New CEO Following Acquisition of Kailo Energy

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ZYTO Announces New Chief Executive Officer


LINDON, UT, January 16, 2017 –  ZYTO Corporation announced today that Dr. Vaughn R Cook has stepped down as Chief Executive Officer, replaced by Ryan Shepherd, effective immediately. Dr. Cook will remain on the ZYTO board of directors. Mr. Shepherd joined ZYTO as part of its recent acquisition of the Kailo Energy business.

Prior to his work with Kailo Energy, Mr. Shepherd served as an executive officer in multiple international organizations. Since 2000 he has focused on transitioning pre-revenue and start-up companies into their revenue and growth stages. Mr. Shepherd’s experience with renewable energies started in 2008 while working in developing countries with limited or no access to traditional electrical grids. Mr. Shepherd was an integral part in the start-up phase of one the fastest growing and most successful portable solar and battery companies in the U.S. After working in the portable solar and battery space Mr. Shepherd moved on to the residential and small business solar energy markets in emerging countries where the lack of reliable power sources made solar energy systems essential. These experiences and knowledge will now guide and grow ZYTO Corporation as it enters the exciting and rapidly growing solar energy market. Further details about Mr. Shepherd can be found at http://kailoenergy.com/management/.

Mr. Shepherd, founder of Kailo Energy, said, “I am honored to take the reins of ZYTO as it enters the solar energy business. ZYTO shareholders should know that I will work tirelessly to bring increased vitality and value to the company.”

If you have any questions about this event, you may contact Adam Ford, ZYTO general counsel, at 801-224-7199. You may also send an e-mail to info@ZYTO.com.


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