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ZYTO CEO Speaks at China
Functional Medicine Conference


ZYTO CEO at China Functional Medicine Conference 2018Lindon, UT, January 24, 2018 Dr. Vaughn R Cook, CEO of ZYTO (OTC PINK:ZYTO), provided the keynote address to a room packed with Eastern medicine practitioners at the Functional Medicine Conference in Shanghai, China, this month. In the presentation, Dr. Cook instructed attendees how to incorporate ZYTO into a functional medical practice with technologies like biocommunication to obtain specific information from the body and then, using a vectored approach, filter the information to provide insights about individual patients.

This is the third time during the past 12 months that Dr. Cook has been invited to present technologies that were developed in the United States to functional medicine practitioners in China. Because ZYTO technology incorporates concepts of both Eastern and Western approaches to wellness into a software platform, many people in Asia see ZYTO technology as an enhancement of traditional concepts that helps to make better decisions, faster.

“I am very honored to share these insights with our friends in China,” said Dr. Cook. “There is a rich history with regards to medical practices in China. With new technology, we can help to preserve these concepts and enable their use for a whole new generation of people interested in energetic and functional medicine.”


About ZYTO

ZYTO is a technology company founded in 2004 by Dr. Vaughn R Cook. The company provides biocommunication hardware and software with wellness and lifestyle applications that include obtaining and analyzing galvanic skin response data from the human body to assist in making better decisions.

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