ZYTO Releases Perception Reframing App for iPhone


ZYTO Releases Reframe App for iPhone


Reframe self-improvement appLindon, UT, USA — November 28, 2016 — ZYTO Corp. today released Reframe for iPhone®. The Reframe app offers a simple and effective path to self-improvement by helping to expand your perceptions about personal issues.

The first direct-to-consumer product from ZYTO, the Reframe app puts innovative biocommunication technology in the palm of your hand. ZYTO CEO and Founder Dr. Vaughn R Cook stated:

“We created the Reframe app because we feel that everyone should be able to benefit from our life-changing perception reframing technology. By putting this technology in as many hands as possible, we can change the wellness landscape on a global scale.”

Utilizing ZYTO’s advanced voice-mapping technology, Reframe can help you subconsciously expand perceptions in any area of life where you desire greater balance and a more positive mindset. It does this by analyzing the frequencies in your voice when you speak about a specific topic, then generating a unique image that helps your mind shift to a more desirable perception of that topic.

Reframe features
•Uses ZYTO’s advanced perception-reframing technology
•38 key topics help you improve health, wealth, and happiness
•Coaching tips guide you through sessions
•Track and share your progress on social media
•See corresponding chakras and essential oils
•Add music and zone maps to enhance your experience

Pricing and availability
Reframe is available in the App Store to download and try for free. Month-to-month subscriptions with unlimited sessions are $9.99 per month, and longer subscription periods are available at discounted rates. Reframe is designed for iPhone 5 and newer and requires iOS 8 or newer.
Download on the App Store

About ZYTO
ZYTO Corp. was founded by its CEO Dr. Vaughn R Cook. The company designs and builds computer technology to facilitate decision-making about health and wellness. ZYTO’s product mix includes software and hardware sold to healthcare professionals, network marketers, and consumers.

Email & Web info
Email: hello@reframe.com
Website: www.reframe.com
Facebook: Reframeperceptions
Twitter: Reframe-app
YouTube: ZYTO Technology
Pinterest: Reframe


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