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Compare ZYTO products

ZYTO offers biocommunication tools that can be tailored to fit your specific needs. Licensed practitioners can choose from our Compass, Balance, Select, Elite, and EVOX systems, and unlicensed wellness professionals can choose between the Compass and Balance systems.

+$39.95 Monthly Subscription Fee

Automated scan
76 biomarkers
25+ product companies to choose from
Automatic software updates
Online training

+$50 Monthly Subscription Fee

All Compass features plus:
95 additional biomarkers
Inventory management
Services scanning
ZYTO Remote service
Multiple reports
Customize reports

+$50 Monthly Subscription Fee

All Balance features plus:
9 more automated scans
3,000+ biomarkers
200+ product libraries
Foods scan
Custom categories
Combine with an EVOX

+$50 Monthly Subscription Fee

All Select features plus:
3 more automated scans
5,000+ additional biomarkers
Unlimited manual scanning
Build custom scans
Customize library

+$50 Monthly Subscription Fee

10 automated scans
144 biomarkers
200+ product libraries
Inventory management
Perception reframing
Transgeneration reframing
ZYTO Remote service

*Compass price is $99 with 12-month commitment. Price without 12-month commitment is $199.

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