Learn How to Interpret the ZYTO Insights Adaptability Index Report

Understanding the Adaptability Index Report

The Adaptability Index Report can give you a better idea of how you’re adapting to challenges that are important to your well-being. The guide below will help you interpret and get the most out of this informative report.

What Insights Measures

Before diving into any Insights report, it can be helpful to know what an Insights scan measures as well as how measurements are taken.

Insights measures an individual’s response to various digital signatures which represent actual items. These signatures, or Virtual Items, may include stressors such as internal body biomarkers and environmental factors, as well as balancers such as supplements, essential oils, and foods.

Before scanning the response to these items, Insights first uses the person’s biometric input to create what we call a Spark. This biometric input consists of a voice-frequency analysis and kinetic response, which analyzes the frequency of the individual's tactile responses.

How Insights measures & outcome ratio (oR)

The biometric input prior to the Insights scan is used to create the person’s Spark, which can be thought of as a digital, real-time fingerprint. The Spark then ignites the algorithm and quickly scans the various Virtual Items in relation to the person’s unique Spark.

Based on their Spark, the Insights scan algorithm determines the person’s desirability for each item scanned. This probability is called the outcome ratio (oR).

Outcome ratios range from 1 to 100 and are shown as a percentage on the Insights Reports. Items with higher oR scores indicate higher desirability and are more capable of moving the Adaptability Index.

Pre-scan Surveys

Along with the biometrically initiated Spark Scan that scores various wellness-related products, the Adaptability Index also includes two client intake surveys before the scan. These surveys include questions about contraindications, health conditions, and lifestyle factors.

Answers to survey questions filter the results that are displayed in the Insights reports, providing you with more relevant data. They don’t, however, impact the actual report scores.

Another benefit of the pre-scan surveys is that they allow you to track changes over time. For example, if the client rated their energy level at 3 and they later update the survey and say it’s a 4, it may be an indication that your recommendations and products are working.

Pre-scan surveys are included in Insights scans by default. However, you can easily change the default settings and remove the surveys if you would like. To change your default setting for pre-scan surveys:

  1. Go to Settings in the Main Menu of the Insights Pro app.

  2. Click the Edit Icon next to Adaptability Index Settings.

  3. Deselect the check mark next to the survey you wish to exclude.

Overall SCORES & Category Scores

The Adaptability Index Report displays the total Adaptability Index score, followed by the scores of each of the wellness triad categories: Energetic, Emotional, and Functional. These scores may be thought of as how well the body is able to adapt to the stressors associated with those categories. Higher scores indicate better adaptability.

The initial score displayed above the triangle with no products selected is the overall baseline score. The 3 scores in the triangle with no products selected are your baseline scores for each category.

When one or more products below are selected, the baseline score will display below the current overall Adaptability Index score.

In addition to the Adaptability Index Report, the Systems Report can be selected to view your scores for each of the foundational systems and lifestyle areas scanned. This is helpful if you are looking for products that support a specific wellness area.

Selecting products

Products with the highest overall score will appear below the Order Products button. To the left of each product, you will see 4 numbers. The top number is the overall score, or outcome ratio (oR) for the product.

Below that number, you will see 3 additional oR scores, one for each of the 3 wellness areas: Emotional, Energetic, and Functional. These scores are color-coded to match their corresponding area on the triangle above. Higher scores here indicate greater impact on the corresponding wellness area.

The Adaptability Index is a dynamic report. This means that when you select a product from the list, it will change the overall Adaptability Index score, as well as the scores for the 3 wellness categories. The graphic will adjust to reflect those changes. The Adaptability Index score at the top of the triangle is determined by the scores for each of the 3 areas and the symmetry or balance between them.

Follow the general guidelines below when selecting products from the Adaptability Index Report:

  • Begin by selecting the product(s) with the highest overall oR and watch the scores and the graphic change. Pay particular attention to the Adaptability Index score at the top. You want this number to be as high as possible.
  • Products that increase the overall score are well-suited for improving adaptability and thus having the greatest impact on your client’s quality of life.
  • Because there is no perfect score, you don’t need to be overly concerned with getting the perfect combination of products. You should quickly find a combination of products that gives you a higher number.
  • You can fine-tune the Adaptability Index score by selecting a product with a high score in the area where the Adaptability Index score is lowest. This can improve the symmetry of all 3 sides and boost the top score.
  • Obtaining a high score with fewer products is generally more desirable than adding several products to reach a similar high score.

Selecting SERVICES

A list of top wellness services, if selected, will also be listed below the products in the Adaptability Report. Selecting a service won't affect the Adaptability Index score.

To choose whether Services show on your report:

  1. In the Main Menu, select Settings.
  2. Select the Edit button below Adaptability Index Settings.
  3. Toggle the slider next to Show Services on Report on or off.
  4. If the Show Services on Report slider is selected, you can also select whether to include all services, or only those selected in your inventory.
    1. Note: Your service inventory can be managed by selecting Services in the Main Menu.

Changing Filters

There are several options to filter the Adaptability Index Report. To select your default settings, go to Settings in the Main Menu and then edit Adaptability Index Settings.

If you need to change filters for a specific scan report, select the Filter Icon in the upper-right corner of the Adaptability Index Report. Changing filters here will not reset your default settings; it will only change them for this particular report.

Filtering is especially important if you only want to show products available in a particular region or category, or if you want the report to only show items you have in your inventory. You can also filter how many products show up on the report (1-12 items), and you can sort those products alphabetically or by oR score.

Observing trends and adding notes

Anything of significance related to the Adaptability Index Report can be added to the report notes for quick reference. Items you may want to consider making notes for include:

  • Trends you are seeing from scan to scan
  • The same product shows up consistently
  • A similar ingredient is shared by many of the products
  • One of the 3 wellness areas is consistently lower than the others
  • Any other products you are recommending that aren't on the report
  • The date of the client's next appointment

  • To add a note, simply click the icon next to Add a Note at the bottom of the report

Using the Shopping list

Items that are selected in the Adaptability Index Reports are automatically added to the client Shopping List. You can view this list by selecting the Shopping bag icon in the top-right corner of the screen.

On the Shopping List page, you will find a button labeled Order Products. Clicking on this button will take you (or your client) to your personal landing page provided by your product company.

From your product landing page, your client can order and pay for the products and have them drop-shipped directly from your company. This is an easy way for you to provide the desired products to your client without having to inventory them.

In order for this link to work, you must first add your Order Products Link. To do this:

  1. In the Main Menu of the Insights Pro app, select Settings
  2. Select the edit icon below the Order Products Link heading.
  3. Enter your product ordering link.
  4. Select Save.

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